World Photo Tour | Tanzania, Datoga children.

Tribes of Africa: Datoga

Datoga (Tatoga, Mang’ati, Barabaig) are a Nilotic people of North Tanzania. Their number is approximately eighty seven thousand people. They speak the Datoga language. Datoga mostly support traditional beliefs, but some of them are Sunni Moslems or Christians. Datoga still preserve extended patriarchal family and polygamy. They have a well-defined system of age classes and differentiation of labour between sexes. Succession follows the male line. When taking a wife, a man must buy the bride out from her parents by giving them cattle. Culturally and economically Datoga are close to Maasai. Datoga are cattle-breeders and they probably came to the area populated by Hadza at the beginning of the eighteenth century when Maasai forced them out of the Ngorongoro crater. Rambler's Top100 - рейтинг фоторесурсов