World Photo Tour | New excavations in Tunis City area.


07.12.09 Larissa

Hello, Sergey!!! Well, I have never seen such a variety of sunsets. I liked them all, can't even pick the best... Once again admired the king of beasts. The only thing missing is a piece of meat in the hand, though it is great as it is... I also viewed the videos. Fantastic! You've given it all a cool spin...

11.11.09 Barvinok

56,640,676,1517,1287,870,1234,803,745,1322,736 are interesting enough. Photos without posing and staging are especially good. I believe that you would enjoy working in Micronesia, Sergey.

27.10.09 Lyubov

Viewed your creative work with great pleasure. Thanks! Wonder what places you plan to visit for photo-hunting in the nearest future? Are you interested in NEPAL + TIBET?

30.06.09 Viktoria

Sergey, your pictures are swell! You have a great talent. You must travel and travel and of course, bring us enjoyment with your photographs!!!!

25.06.09 Alexander

Serioga, you are superrr! I saw the world through your eyes! How long you have been hiding you talent of a gifted photographer!

23.06.09 Rudy Larissa

I viewed with great pleasure part of the materials posted and plan to see the rest in the nearest future. I liked them very much! I wish your further success, inexhaustible creativity and commitment, and enough energy, health, time and money for everything. Soon hope to express my admiration personally. Respectfully Yours, Larissa. P.S. Keep it up! Rambler's Top100 - рейтинг фоторесурсов